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Upgrade Your Roof at Great Harvey Tiles Prices in Pretoria

We Offer Very Affordable Harvey Tile Prices in Pretoria

Bundu Dakke is the premier Harvey Tiles and Thatch Tile solution Roof installer in the Pretoria and countrywide. In our more than 25 years of experience in the industry we have seen the Harvey Tile product we offer take the roofing industry by storm. All the information points to Harvey Tiles as the safest and quite possibly the best roofing product available on the market right now, especially with Harvey Tile Prices being so affordable and the product itself requiring little to no maintenance. The benefits of having Harvey Tiles installed at your Pretoria home are myriad and could add quite a bit of value to your piece of property.

The Bundu Dakke team showing off a brand new roof - Harvey Tiles Prices Pretoria - Bundu Dakke

What Are Harvey Tiles?

Harvey Tiles are roofing tiles, made from durable but lightweight steel material which is stoned coated with a weather-resistant product. These 2 key components give Harvey Tiles a long life-span with little to no maintenance required. As a versatile roofing product, it can easily be installed around windows and doors, accommodating the architectural beauty of your home.

Why should you invest in Harvey Tiles?

It takes about an average of 2 to 3 days, weather permitting, to get your house’s roof painted. You could either do this yourself or pay someone else to do it for you. Instead of having to spend the money and time on painting your roof every 5 years, you could pay once for an installation of Harvey Tiles which are maintenance-free, with no painting or water sealing needed. Studies show that 40% of building-related problems are directly related to water intrusion and damage, that’s nearly half! With Harvey Tiles being porous they absorb small quantities of water, however, the actual Harvey Steel Tile will not let water through, especially when laid correctly by experienced and certified professionals such as Bundu Dakke.

Why should you replace your Thatch with Harvey Tiles?

Harvey Tiles on the Outside, thatch on the inside – Installing Harvey Tiles doesn’t mean you lose the beauty and earthiness of your thatch roof but creates a much safer environment. We all know that thatch is flammable, the leading cause of fires in thatch-roofed buildings is the transfer of heat from a chimney to the thatch, it then reaches its ignition temperature and causes a fire. With Harvey Tiles, fire hazards are lessened, so not only are you going to have a much safer environment but you could most possibly lessen your insurance premiums per month, saving money in the long run. Most thatch homes have a very high amount of dust as well, as being in constant wind and weather conditions. With Harvey Tiles on your thatch roof the dust factor comes down considerably, making for a more dust-free living space. Harvey Tiles also help with regulating temperature throughout the different seasons.

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