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The Free State is a wonderful blend of farming communities living close to the earth, and a metropolitan hub with residents who, although they live in the city, are still very much connected to nature and continue to look for ways to bring that nature closer to home. Whether you are living in Bloemfontein or far away Bethlehem, thatch roofing is one way to bring the outside in and it is a great addition to any property, especially one where you want to create a little bit of a cozier environment. To minimize your maintenance and to give your thatch a longer lifespan, making use of Harvey Tiles is a must as it will protect your infrastructure and require you to do a lot less maintenance.

For many years, Harvey Tiles have been the go to for property owners with thatch roofing. Not only do these tiles protect the thatch, but they also greatly improve the overall look of the property, as these steel metal tiles are aesthetically pleasing and guaranteed to make the roofing look neater and more sophisticated.

Harvey Tiles are available in all of the popular colours, such as black, green and blue, and if you are living in the Free State, the team at Bundu Dakke can assist you with the supply and installation of these revolutionary tiles.

The Free State’s Harvey Tile Experts

Bundu Dakke has been providing clients in Mpumalanga with Harvey Tile installations for decades. In that time we have come to know the ins and outs of these tiles and we know exactly how durable they can be and just how much value they can add to a property.

Although the initial payment for these tiles might look pricey, in the long run they are the most economical option when compared to the amount of maintenance and the eventual replacement costs associated with thatch.

Our Harvey Thatch Tile installers are now in the Free State and for those who are looking to improve their thatched roofing through the use of these durable tiles, our team can help you out. Our services are affordable and we are fully accredited suppliers and installers of the Harvey Tile range. As such we can lean on the support and the knowledge of the Harvey Tile company which in turn helps to ensure that our clients always receive the very best services, even if they have a difficult installation project.

The Harvey Tile Costs and Advantages

Although the initial installation of these steel metal tiles is not cheap, they are actually quite cost-effective because they are priced per square meter. As the overall price is based on the size of the roof, if you have a smaller roof, you will naturally end up paying less for your tiles. For the most part, when you are looking to install Harvey Thatch tiles, you will find that they are a lot more affordable than most other options.

With Harvey Tiles in place, you will still enjoy all of the perks of having a thatched roof. While the outside of the roof will be covered and protected from the wind and the rain, the inside will still be thatch, so that distinctive thatch smell and those warm vibes are still going to shine through.

Not having to do any sort of thatch maintenance is also going to save you quite a bit in the long run. These tiles are incredibly tough, and as such won’t be damaged by the elements or by rats, birds or even fungi. Harvey Thatch tiles are also not affected by the natural degradation that most other types of roofing eventually experience.

Since Harvey Tiles are made in a variety of plain, natural colours, they are guaranteed to fit into most spaces and they will also blend in naturally with the surrounding nature, which means you won’t have to worry about the tiles becoming an eyesore.

With all of the benefits as well as the overall affordability of having Harvey Tiles installed, it just makes good sense to invest in these tiles to protect your thatch.

If you are a Free State home or business owner looking to improve your investment, or if you are constructing a new property and you want to make sure that your thatch roofing is protected right from the get go, you don’t get a much better option than Harvey Tiles.

At Bundu Dakke, we are a talented and reliable team of Harvey Tile installers and we can give you a quote on these durable steel metal tiles when you get in touch with us.



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