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The North West Province is the epitome of bushveld living and many homeowners choose to have thatched roofing on their homes or on their lapas to enhance their bushveld experience. Thatched roofing creates a certain ambiance and a cozy atmosphere, whether you are living in, Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Brits or Mahikeng, and to ensure that your thatched roof stays in a good condition and won’t need all that much maintenance, installing Harvey Thatched Tiles is the one infrastructure investment you will never regret making.

Harvey Tiles are a wonderful modern roofing solution, designed to be used on thatched roofing as a way to protect the thatch while also used to improve the overall look of the structure.

Available in a wide array of natural colours, these metal steel roof tiles are the innovative next step in the evolution of traditional thatching, and at Bundu Dakke, we are the foremost Harvey Tile suppliers and installation experts.

The North West’s Harvey Tile Experts

For a number of decades, Bundu Dakke has been offering Harvey Tile installations to its extensive client base in Mpumalanga. During that time we have learned everything there is to know about installing these unique and durable tiles and we know just how much value they can add to a property.

The use of Harvey Tiles is the most economical way to add years to your thatched roof, without you having to give too much thought to things like maintenance. With your Harvey Tiles in place, the outside or your thatch will be elegantly covered with a neat layer of metal steel roof tiles while the interior can be left bare, allowing that warm thatch to show through.

Now that our Harvey Tile Installers are available in the North West Province, those living in the area can make full use of our services to add beauty and value to their homes. Bundu Dakke is a fully accredited supplier and installer of all of the Harvey Thatch Tile range and we enjoy full support from the company, which further ensures that we are able to give our clients an expert service especially when we take on a project that might be a little trickier than usual.

The Price and the Advantages of Installing Harvey Tiles

The cost-effective nature of Harvey Thatch tiles are a huge aspect of the advantages of buying them, with the overall prices being based on the cost per square meter. The price is calculated on the overall roof size, so if your roof is smaller, you can expect to pay less. Overall, the price of Harvey Tiles is affordable enough for most to budget for.

When you have Harvey Tiles on your thatched roof, you will still enjoy the benefits of the grassy thatch but without the worry about having to do the continuous maintenance that comes with having thatching that is exposed to the elements and prone to damage from the wind, the rain and the sun. Not only does this save you time but it will mean the installation of these tiles will cost you less in the long run.

Harvey Tiles are made to be durable and they are also fairly versatile. These tiles can easily blend into the surrounding environment, especially when you choose a colour that is more natural and muted.

Harvey Tiles also have other qualities that will make them a great choice for cladding your thatched roof. These tiles are resistant to fungi and algae, they are not prone to fires or lightning damage, they are not susceptible to damage by birds or rats, and they are also not likely to break down due to the natural degradation that takes place over time and often affects other types of roofs.

Essentially, covering your thatch with Harvey Tiles is a great choice, since they come with plenty of great benefits, not excluding their affordability. With Harvey Tiles, your thatching will be protected in the long run.

Whether you are a home owner who is looking to improve your property by installing metal steel roof tiles onto your home or lapa roof, or if you are building a new structure and you want to make sure that your investment is protected from the get go, Harvey Tiles should be a natural first choice. And since they are more than suitable for any size roof and since they come in such a variety of colours, you can easily personalize your choice.

If you are looking for a reliable team of Harvey Tile Installers to give your thatch roof extra protection, you can get in touch with our North West based team today for a quotation.



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