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Harvey Tiles – a worthy investment for any homeowner.

Thatch roofs look great on all types of homes in any area and with Harvey Tiles it is easy and affordable to maintain. Here at Bundu Dakke we specialise in cladding thatch roofs with Harvey Tiles.


Thatch roofing was one of the first roofing methods ever used. Due to their efficiency, long lifespan and stunning appearance, thatch roofs have remained popular throughout the ages. As time progressed, methods were developed to ensure that thatch roofs were waterproof and protected from damage caused by small animals such as mice or birds and other natural elements including wind and hail. Some major concerns associated with thatch roofs were their vulnerability to catching fire due to lightning or wildfires. With Harvey Tiles you can have a thatch roof without having to be worried about any of the above mentioned risks.


Modern Harvey Tile Thatching by Bundu Dakke


Harvey Tiles are made of lightweight steel that is sure to stand the test of time. There are a number of factors to consider when roofing your home. The most important feature of a roof is that it provides protection from outside elements, namely wind, rain and bugs to mention a few. Then, of course, a roof should complement a home – colour and texture definitely influence your choice of roof tiles. Harvey Thatch Tiles perfectly match the colour if your thatch roof, while Harvey Elite Tiles are available in a variety of colours such as dark blue, green or burgundy. Harvey Tiles are often used to clad thatch roofs, but has also been attached to other roof structures.


Harvey Thatch Rooftiles are the best of both worlds. It looks modern, yet also has the shape of your original thatch roof. It doesn’t take long to install as it fits to all roof structures, weighs less than traditional tiles and offers more flexibility. These tiles are also fantastic insulators, which means that your home stays cooler during summer and warmer during winter. This is just some of mthe any great attributes of Harvey Tiles and why they are great for any South African home.  Roof repairs due to leaks and broken tiles will be a thing of the past when you replace your existing roof with Harvey Tiles. Metal roofs are fireproof, making it a safety smart roofing choice. Lightning is a common threat to homes with thatch roofs, but Harvey Tiles decrease the risk of a roof catching fire. You will not have to be concerned about the possible damage that birds and vermin cause to roofs any longer, as they won’t be able to access thatch through the new rooftiles. Fungi and algae won’t trouble you again either, seeing that Harvey Tiles are made of metal which kills algae. Roof leakages won’t cause you headaches during rainy seasons and the tiles also prevent criminals from gaining access to your home through your roof. This tile is the solution to every thatch roofing problem you might be faced with.


Harveytile Products


There are currently three ranges of Harvey Rooftiles on the market. Bundu Dakke uses the following products for our roofing projects throughout South Africa.


Harvey Elite Tile


For a stylish, modern roof – choose Harvey Elite Tiles


Each tile has a mass of 3.9 kg with an overall length of 1675 mm and an overall width of 397 mm.

Harvey Thatch/Shake Tile


The Harvey Thatch Tile looks like regular thatch, but it is safer, more affordable and everlasting.


These tiles have a mass of 4.2 kg each, are 1675 mm long and measure 395 mm in width.


Harvey Tuff Tile


Harvey Tuff Tiles are of excellent quality and it looks fantastic too.


Every Tufftile has a mass of 3.9 kg, a length of 1675 mm and is 397 mm wide.


Harvey Elite Rooftiles are available in the following standard colours:

  • Dark Blue
  • Black
  • Terracotta
  • Green
  • Burgundy

Harvey tiles


Tips and Tricks for Thatch Roofs


It’s important to take precautionary steps to protect your thatch roof. Thatch roofs can be set alight quite easily in comparison with other roofs, especially in areas where lighting is a common occurrence. Installing lightning rods on your thatch roof it the most efficient way of diverting lightning from your home. Lightning rods are great conductors of electricity and thus provide little resistance to the current in a lightning bolt. This means that the lightning is more likely to strike the rod than your roof.


The Bundu Dakke team would strongly recommend our clients to install a roof sprinkler or water drencher system if you have a thatch roof. Wet thatch is less likely to catch fire. If you know that a fire is approaching, take precautionary steps and activate the sprinkler system on your roof at least an hour in advance. This will also prevent damage caused by the heat of fires in the surrounding area. Should a fire approach and there is no sprinkler system – take the water hose and wet your roof and nearby trees. This is a quick solution to a threat that could have rather devastating effects.


With plastic or wire mesh you can prevent birds and vermin from gaining access to the roof. Thatch pests climb up trees to get onto your roof. Trimming trees in your yard will make it harder for small animals to venture into your roof in search of a warm spot in between the thatch.



Although there are many ways to protect, maintain and restore a thatch roof, the number one solution recommended by Bundu Dakke, is to clad it with Harvey Thatch Tiles.


Every Harveytile is carefully manufactured to ensure that only top quality products get approved. After a tile has been inspected and it can be said for certain that it complies with the quality standards, the tile is marked with a Harvey Quality Stamp.


The Bundu Dakke team consists of ambitious, well-trained professionals. We deliver nothing less than excellent services and know just what you need to keep any thatch roof in tip-top condition. For enquiries and quotes on Harvey Tiles, contact Bundu Dakke today.

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