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The Western Cape is in many ways the pinnacle of prosperity in South Africa. A stunning province, home to the Mother City of Cape Town and numerous upmarket towns such as Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, the province is well-known for its old thatched homes as well as for its outdoor lifestyle, which often centres around the classic thatched lapa, which can be greatly improved with the addition of Harvey Tiles, the cladding designed to protect and extend the lifespan of thatch.

For decades, Bundu Dakke has been South Africa’s foremost Harvey Tile and Metal Steel Roof Installation experts and now our presence and our outstanding services have been extended to the beautiful Western Cape.

As specialists in cladding thatch roofing with Harvey Tiles, we have spent many years learning how to make the most of our steel tile products and we know just how beneficial they can be for covering thatched roofing.

The use of Harvey Tiles on a thatched roof is the most economical way to extend the life of the thatching, a consideration that every thatched roof owner should be exploring. With Harvey Tiles, the exterior of the roofing is protected from the elements while the interior will remain exposed, with that classic thatched look on full display.

Bundu Dakke is a fully accredited supplier and installer of Harvey Thatch Tiles and we are also fully supported by the company. This allows us to stay ahead of the trends and to always be the first to know when new products enter the market. We can also rely on their support when faced with a difficult installation, ensuring that our clients always experience the best service possible.

Bundu Dakke was founded in Mpumalanga in 1990 and since then we have expanded our operations, through valuable partnerships, to the other provinces of South Africa. Our Western Cape company is backed up by knowledge and professionalism of the main branch and we offer that same high quality Bundu Dakke experience that our extensive client base has become accustomed to.

Costs and Advantages of Harvey Tiles

While the price of Harvey Thatch Tiles will change from one company to the next, at Bundu Dakke our authentic metal steel roof tiles are affordable. We determine the price of our tiles based on the cost per square meter, which basically means our tiles are calculated on the overall roof size. This helps to keep the prices low, especially when what you want cladded is a small outdoor lapa.

The cost-effectiveness of our tiles is just one of the great many benefits that you can enjoy when you decide to make the leap and invest in metal steel cladding.

With Harvey Tiles on your thatched roofing, you can enjoy that same wild and warm feel that you get from thatch and since these tiles come in such a range of colours, you can easily match your roofing to the surrounding nature, allowing the structure to really blend in and stay looking smart.

Harvey Tiles will also require a lot less maintenance, when compared to just having the thatch and leaving it exposed to the wind, the rain and the constant sunlight. As a product that is approved by the South African Bureau of Standards, Harvey Tiles are the most durable and logical option when you are looking for that ultimate cladding solution.

Beyond this, Harvey Tiles are resistant to fungi and algae, they are not a fire or lightning hazard, there is no chance of the tiles experiencing natural degradation, and they won’t be damaged by birds or vermin, such as rats.

All in all, when you take into consideration the huge number of benefits to be experienced when you invest in metal steel roof tiles, choosing to protect your thatched roof with Harvey Tiles should be a natural choice.

Whether you are already the owner of a home or a lapa with a thatched roof or if you are looking to add to your property by adding a thatched roof to one of your structures, covering the roofing with metal steel roof tiles is a fantastic option, especially as these tiles can fit perfectly onto any type of roof structure.

And as Harvey Tile Installers, when you work with us, you can enjoy the benefits and the overall look of your new and improved roof in no time. If you need a quote or if you have any questions, you can contact our team today for more information.



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