Specializing in Zink Roof Conversions
Metrotile Products Revolutionary Metal Roofing That Speaks For Itself
Heavy Duty & Cost Effective, Wind, Rain & Hail Resistant
Fungi & Algae Resistant, Durable & Versatile
We Build & Install Harvey Thatch Roofs with Cape Reeds
Specializing in Zink Roof Conversions
Metrotile Products Revolutionary Metal Roofing That Speaks For Itself
Heavy Duty & Cost Effective, Wind, Rain & Hail Resistant
Fungi & Algae Resistant, Durable & Versatile
We Build & Install Harvey Thatch Roofs with Cape Reeds


Founded in 1990, Bundupale started its journey, lead by Mr. A.B.R. Janson to become the leading civil engineers in the field. Situated in Schagen, near Nelspruit, we started working nationwide tending to the needs of each individual customer. Mr. Pieter Broodryk joined this venture in 2006, allowing growth in all departments including the customer base and customer satisfaction.

In 2009, Bundupale became more established and so, we started trading under the name Bundudakke, specialising in well-priced cladding thatch roofs with Harvey Tiles. This name was registered January 2015 and the company is now officially trading under the name Bundudakke (Pty) Ltd. Our offices have opened in Lanseria, Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, Pretoria and Johannesburg. We are also in the process of opening an office in Hluhluwe, Natal.

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Bundudakke in a nutshell:

We are a team of dedicated professionals and we strive for perfection. We supply our clients with high-quality roofing products and deliver a service of excellence. Our rates are competitive and we are committed in providing you with only the best.

About our Harvey Tiles Prices

Our prices are calculated on the square meters of roof size and are arguably the best in the business. Get a quote on the cost to complete your Harvey Thatch Tile Roof, excluding transports costs.


What We Do Best:

We specialize in covering thatch roofs with Harvey Tiles and have large numbers of very happy clients who love their Harvey Thatch Roofs, installed by Bundudakke. Our great workmanship and quality service have allowed our reputation to spread by word of mouth and our client base continues to grow.

If you don’t have thatch roofs but you would like to benefit from the durability of Harvey Tiles, we are also suppliers of a similar product called Metrotile. A high-performance stone coated steel roofing solution that will last a lifetime.

Our Other Services:

Metrotiles come in 15 colours and finishes, as well as 6 different styles, all of which we deliver. There is even the option of adding solar panels to a number of Metrotiles, called the Lightpower range. For a professional look and a stylish finish, ask us more about the versatile Metrotile products and our installation procedures.

Apart from quality roofing, we also supply and deliver a variety of timber products, like Decking, CCA Treated Poles, Wooden Flooring as well as Structural and Brandering Timber. Contact us today to find out more about the timber services we offer.

Protect your thatch with Harvey Tiles

As an accredited supplier of Harvey Tile Roofing products, Bundu Dakke can transform your roofing from thatch to something with a longer lifespan and far more durability. Available in different colours, Harvey Tiles are ideal when you are looking for roofing that is more sustainable than that which is offered by conventional thatch. Thatch roofing requires regular maintenance, and should you neglect to maintain the roofing it can damage the appearance of your property.

We provide affordable services (calculated on roof size) to complete your Harvey Tile roof.

As specialists in the installation of SABS approved Harvey Tiles, BunduDakke has the experience and the skill to protect your thatch roof using Harvey Tiles. Placed on top of your existing thatch, you will still have the attractive quality of the thatch for the ceiling of your building, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that your thatch is not going to be damaged by the elements.

Why more people are choosing Harvey Tiles

When choosing to have Harvey roofing over your thatch, you are choosing to have the beauty and earthiness of thatch along with the strength of tiles. With the current Harvey Tiles prices in South Africa, you will be saving money in the long term, with not having to do any maintenance.

The other benefits of these tiles include:

Reducing the possibility of fire damage (these tiles are manufactured to be fire resistant)
Completely eliminating the damage done by birds and vermin.
Money can be saved by not having to do maintenance.
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The tiles are made of tough but lightweight steel which is coated with a weather resistant product. The structure of the tile along with the coating makes the tile highly durable and gives it a long lifespan with very little maintenance required. As a versatile roofing product, steel roof tiles can be installed easily around doors and windows, accommodating the curves and style of the architecture.

As you can choose which Harvey Tiles colour you’d like your roofing to be, you can match the tiles to the colour of the surrounding nature as well as to the colour of your home. This is just another great future which makes these roofing tiles so versatile!

Metrotiles, as well as Harvey Tiles, have grown in popularity in recent years and today home owners, lodge owners, hotels, guest houses and holiday resorts are choosing to have these tiles as a protective measure for their thatched roofing. And we are the leading suppliers of these products!

The areas we service with our roofing products

We are based in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. Many a roof has been given new life with these steel roof tiles and we continue to transform all types of building structures with this easy to maintain roofing. For a cost effective approach to your roofing requirements and to give that extra bit of protection to your existing thatch roof, steel roof tiles are the best solution.

Benefits of Harvey Tiles:

Harvey Tiles are designed and manufactured for strength and offer homeowners many added benefits compared to traditional roofing.
More and more people are starting to choose Harvey Tiles over other conventional roofing methods and the proof is in the pudding. One simply cannot resist choosing Harvey Tiles after hearing you won’t be spending countless Saturdays busy with roof maintenance. Some of the major benefits include:

Leak & Burglar Proof Roof
If you know How to Install Harvey Tiles correctly, the unique over-lapping installation technique provides not only a leak-proof roof but also a form of burglar proofing. The tiles are available in Alu-Zinc coated mild steel or a galvanized mild steel substrate for long-term corrosion resistance.

Weather Resistant
The acrylic coating on the Harvey Tiles was developed to withstand high levels of UV and the most adverse weather conditions. The small stone granules bonded to the tile surface result in an extremely durable finish which protects against gale-force winds, hailstorms and downpours.

Low Maintenance cost
The maintenance cost on Harvey Tiles is exceptionally low as they do not require a yearly inspection for vermin, moss, leaks or holes. Your biggest maintenance cost as a Harvey Tile owner will probably be giving it a good wash every now and then. The extremely low maintenance required on these products are the selling point for many.

By changing that old weathered thatch roof to Harvey Tiles, you will turn your old house into a home worthy of being on the cover of a magazine! When installing Harvey Tiles, we suggest having a look at different Harvey Tiles Pictures and choosing the colour you would like your roofing to be. We found that matching it with the surrounding natures gives your home a warm, natural feeling. The Harvey Tiles sizes make it easy for them to be installed around doors and windows, accommodating the architectural beauty of your home. By using a Harvey Tiles Calculator you can get an idea of how many tiles you will need.

Thatch on the inside, Tile on the Outside
Many people prefer having thatch roofs because of the warmth and ambiance it creates. Others prefer the natural look of the thatch on the inside. Now imagine having the natural grass look, warmth and ambiance whilst being maintenance-free. Harvey Tiles cover the outside of your thatch roof and will leave you with only the enjoyable parts of a thatch roof.

It’s an investment
Installing Harvey Tiles for your home is an investment. Not only will you be saving money by not needing to erect, install or maintain lightning poles. To get the most out of your investment, don’t pay the Harvey tiles prices at Buco, Build It, or Builders Warehouse, order your tiles from Bundu Dakke today.

Quality Assured
The manufacturer of Harvey Tiles – Harvey Roofing Products, enforce very high-quality standards. Being a division of Africa’s leading steel supplier – Macsteel, Harvey Roofing Products get to use the best steel on the market.

No Birds, No troubles
Birds are the worst enemy of a thatched roof. The roof is extremely vulnerable to being stripped by birds, especially weavers which can basically destroy a roof within one year. When installing Harvey Tiles, birds are unable to get to and destroy your thatch roof.

Reduced Fire Risk
It’s common sense that thatch is flammable and the most common cause is stray amber from a nearby chimney. Losing your entire roof, if not your whole house would clearly be detrimental. You can reduce if not entirely eliminate fire as a risk after installing Harvey Tiles.

Easy To Find
Harvey Tiles is a very well-known roofing product, therefore you can find it at many different hardware stores all across the country. You can find Harvey tiles for sale in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Cape Town and more. Although you will be able to source these tiles in the surrounding countries, the prices may vary, such as the Harvey tiles prices in Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Get in touch with our team and take advantage of our 25 years of experience when you renovate your roof, with our competitive prices.


Harvey Tile Specification

Overall length: 1675mm
Cover: 1625mm
Overall width: 395mm
Cover: 350mm
Mass per tile: 3.9kg
Mass per square meter: 6.9kg
No of tiles per square meter: 1.76

Thatch Ceiling Finish

A. Harvey Tiles fixed to battens
B. 50×38 mm counter batten fixed to gum poles
C. 38×38 mm tile battens
D. Thatch purlins at 250mm spacing
E. Thatch layer
F. Sisalation
G. Gum pole
H. Stop end board

Woodpanel Ceiling Finish

A. Harvey Tiles fixed to battens
B. 38×38 mm tile battens
C. 38×38 mm counter batten
D. Sisalation
E. Thatch layer
F. Gum pole
G. Fascia board

Other Products

We supply and deliver a wide range of quality wooden materials:
• Saligna Decking
• Pine Decking
• CCA Treated Poles
• Log Profiles
• Wood Flooring
• Structural Timber
• Brandering Timber


Each and every Metrotile is pressed using the best quality steel that there is. Both sides of the steel sheet is covered with the exclusive Aluzinc primer that consists out of aluminium and zinc. This gives the ultimate protection against all elements, like fire, fracturing or corrosion.

The Acrilic Base Coat contains the Quartz Granules that acts as a highly effective barrier against natural elements and organic pests like moss, fungi and algae. The Acrylic top layer serves as the ultimate protective layer and everything is fused together in an oven to ensure the best quality.

Metrotile products are renowned worldwide for its high standards.


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