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Where Have We Installed Harvey Tiles?



We’ve installed Harvey Tiles in the following towns in South Africa:



Bundu Dakke is based in this beautiful town above the rolling mountains of Northern Mpumalanga, but that doesn’t stop us from delivering our services to many nearby regions as well. Harvey Thatch and Metrotiles are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, lodges, hotels and holiday resorts across South Africa. The durability of these roof types speaks volumes, making them exceptionally popular, while less maintenance makes them the most desirable roof types out there, not to mention the aesthetic value it provides to all kinds of buildings. Except for servicing the roofs in Mpumalanga’s major city, Nelspruit, we also do business in a few other towns in the area.



Hazyview harvey titles

This is a popular getaway destination, with many lodges and holiday resorts. These places often opt for a true bushveld vibe with the designs of their buildings but have all come to realize that thatch roofs prove to be much more effort, in terms of maintenance than what it’s worth. And along with these additional maintenance costs, the buildings have to be vacated each time the thatch roofs are re-done, which also causes a loss to the resorts because they can’t rent out the units during maintenance. By installing Harvey Thatch, these resorts save tremendously on these unnecessary expenses, avoiding uninhabited holiday units.

Hazyview Cabanas is another one of the popular holiday destinations where we installed Harvey Tiles and the owners of the resort could not have been more satisfied with the installations team, as well as the end result. It makes perfect sense to have Harvey Tiles installed where normal thatch roofs once were, keeping with the overall look and feel of the structures but adding value and longevity to the buildings at the same time.





Voted as the town of the year in 2015, Sabie is also a very well-known tourist attraction. This peaceful little town is right in the middle of the panoramic route frequently taken by tourists to go sight-seeing; Mac Mac Falls is only a few kilometres uphill from Sabie and the pine plantation surrounding it always gives these mountains a majestic feel. There’s a big swing in town, where people often jump from a bridge into Gladdespruit canyon for fun but don’t let the madness fool you. There are many sensible citizens who call us to install Harvey tiles on their properties and simultaneously increase their property value as well. We installed the Harvey Tiles on the buildings in Sabie Park.



An even smaller town on the Panoramic Route with an equally large tourist attraction lies close to Lydenburg and many of our clients call us from this area or enquire about our business, especially those who have seen Harvey tiles in the area. God’s Window is one of the most breathtaking sights you’ll ever see in Mpumalanga – this escarpment was once reached by a gorgeous footpath through a forest, leaving you speechless once at the edge, looking out over the valley below. After a recent upgrade, a lift can take you to the previously untouched forests below. Pilgrims Rest, a former mining town, is near Graskop and the infamous Robber’s Grave is a favourite spot to visit for all tourists in Mpumalanga, but then again, so is the Blyde River Canyon, Three Rondavels, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and Lisbon Waterfalls, all of which are nearby.




This little town has been around since 1888, and there is a multitude of old buildings that need repairs or complete makeovers in this area. Even though it is a very small town, there are 15 hotels in the area and many roofs that could benefit from the practical and aesthetic advantages that Harvey Thatch Roofs and Metrotiles have to offer. One of the jobs that we did in Amersfoort was for a farm-style house that has been well maintained but needed an upgrade on the roof structure as a whole, so we installed Harvey Thatch Tiles and the end result was very polished.



Another one of our popular areas is the small town of Malelane. We’ve done quite a few roofs in this area and our clients are always very satisfied with what we deliver. All our workers are experienced and precise. They work fast without compromising on workmanship and they always leave the properties where they install roofs very neat. Malelane is one of the warmer towns in Mpumalanga and a very popular wild reserve is found near here; Martloth Park attracts many tourists and city-goers to Malelane yearly. Harvey Tiles are excellent at deflecting heat and keeping buildings cool, and many of the houses in this area have benefitted from this.




This town can be found just before the Mozambican border and is equally hot and humid in the scorching Summer months in Mpumalanga. The Crocodile River runs through this area, making it another popular farming location with many different kinds of crops being grown in widespread farms. Kambaku Golf Club and Nqwenya Lodge are both resorts right next to the Kruger National Park, adjacent to the Southernmost border. We were contracted to install Harvey Tiles on these properties and received many great references from our work there over the past years. Word of mouth is a major contributor to our success, after all, seeing is believing, and visitors to these popular holiday destinations can’t help but marvel at the practicality of Harvey Tiles.




Not far from Nelspruit and another little town that has a few houses with either Metro- or Harvey Tiles. Barberton is near the Swaziland Border and attracts many holiday goers, as Badplaas Aventura Holiday resort is nearby, and there are also nature reserves all around Barberton. But holiday retreats aren’t the only places that can benefit greatly from Harvey Tiles. Upgrading your thatch roof to a more durable and equally attractive roof type is not only smart, it’s cost effective.



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