Price Compare - The 5 Best Places to Get Harvey Tiles For Sale

Harvey Thatch tiles have revolutionised the way in which builders, and building owners, think about thatch. This nifty creation is something that is able to give thatch roofs a longer lifespan, all while ensuring that minimal maintenance. And not only does it come with all of these and many more benefits, but it is also a wonderfully affordable product, which is supplied by many, highly experienced companies.

Before we get into the price comparison, there is one thing that you should know.

While there are quite a few companies offering the sale of Harvey tiles, not all of them will include the installation in the price per meter. This alone can mean there is a noticeable price difference between the various companies, and when you are looking to buy the tiles, this is definitely something to keep in mind, because the installation can be a costly process and needs to be completed by experienced roofing experts.

Now that that is out of the way, this is the price comparison that can guide you when you are looking to buy Harvey Thatch tiles.

1. Bundu Dakke

Bundu Dakke is one of the longest standing companies operating in the thatch roofing industry. The company was founded on the selling and installation of Harvey Thatch tiles and this remains their primary service. Bundu Dakke’s Harvey Thatch tile prices are affordable and as specialists in the industry, the team can also provide you with an installation service.

2. Harvey Roofing Products

A well-known company in the industry, Harvey Roofing provides a range of fantastic Harvey Roofing products, and they are also able to provide the helpful installation service. As the original Harvey Thatch company, their prices are the industry standard and generally, they would be affordable enough to suit most building budgets.

3. Harvey Tiles Prices at Build It

Built It is one of South Africa’s up and company building supply companies and they stock just about everything you could need, including Harvey thatch tiles. As a wholesale type company, their prices are competitive but their business reach isn’t as great as their competitors, which means unless you have a local store, you might have trouble getting their products to where you need them.

4. Harvey Tiles Cashbuild

Cashbuild has cemented its reputation for being South Africa’s most affordable building supply company and there is a Cashbuild in just about every region of the country. Unlike their competitors, it is easier to price their Harvey Tile products, as they have their prices neatly listed on their website. Prices for these particular products start from around R 140, depending on what it is that you are buying.

5. Harvey Tiles Prices At Buco

Buco is another building supplier with a range of Harvey Thatch tile products listed on their website for easier price comparisons and shopping. Buco has a bit of a wider selection of Harvey products when compared to Cashbuild but the products have a slight pricing difference, with Buco being a bit more expensive, but only by a Rand or two.