Metal Stone Coated Steel Roof HARVEY THATCH TILE

Genuine Harvey Thatch tiles are without a doubt the preferred thatch covering. With Harvey Thatch tiles, you can preserve that African aesthetic using a natural solution to the problems that so often arise from having thatch as your primary form of roofing.

Installed over the thatch, you get to keep the look and the smell of your thatch, all while reducing the chance of lightning strikes, insects or just the natural break down of thatch that will happen over time.

Whenever you are looking to install Harvey Thatch tiles, you will be making a long term investment. This is why it is so important that you make sure that you insist on the genuine tiles, as counterfeit tiles are often an inferior quality and a waste of money.

We offer Harvey Thatch tiling as a part of our services and our experienced team is more than capable of getting you set up with this reliable solution that is made to last. Over the 31 years that Bundu Dakke has been in business, we have prioritised this particular service and we have worked with all sorts of thatched roofs, and given numerous clients an excellent service. Contact us for more information about how we can assist you.