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Bundu Dakke is the specialists in Roof Cladding with Harvey Tiles

Bundu Dakke strives for excellence when it comes to quality roofing. The company specialises in cladding old and weathered thatch roofs with Harvey Tiles, thereby turning thatch roofing into a more versatile, cost effective and low maintenance solution.

A well known nursery hymn phrases a wolf as having huffed and puffed and blown the three little pigs’ roof away simply because it was not strong enough. A lesson learnt from this hymn best summarises the importance of having a durable roof that will keep away unwanted elements from entering the home.

The roof over our heads is something that most of us don’t think much about. Most people are happy with their roofs and never make an effort in maintaining them as long as do not leak or corrode. But this ignorance soon catches up with home owners when the time of replacing it forces its way into our pockets.

Globally, there is urgency for a building to act environmentally responsible, so when making a decision on what roofing material to use, items such as durability, price, thermal attributes, and colour are often considered.

The importance of roofing is to protect natural elements such as the sun, rainfall, creatures etc from entering the home. All known roof types get to a certain point were attention is required in order to sustain the test of time.

Harvey tiles
Roof Cladding with Harvey tiles

The roof is one of the largest exterior parts of the home which makes choosing the right colour and style relevant to its owner.
Roof cladding is the application of one material over another in order to provide skin or layer required to control the infiltration of weather elements.

In developed nations, roof cladding is often used in order to give the roof a weatherproof component and to stop water and other elements from entering the house. A waterproof layer is important because rainfall is usually forecast to ascend many months per year.

In addition to protecting the house, roof cladding is also used to provide a decorative element. This is because roof cladding is also primarily used for other structures such as gazebos, patios, pergolas, sheds and other such structures.

There are several types of roof cladding that include metal cladding, which is one of the most commonly used types in South Africa. The variants of metal cladding include corrugated, Trimdek, Spandek and mini orb. Metal is often preferred because of its flexibility, allowing it to be used in all kinds of architectural designs that include curved roofs.

The Thatch tile is designed to give the impression of thatch and it is one of the most sought after products on the market. It is usually fitted directly over existing thatch roofs to retain the thatch interior or cladded. It has two layers of stone coating.

Harvey Tiles are another type of roof cladding and they are available in a huge range of materials. Tiles work well with any style of roofing and will always be very fashionable. Besides Harvey Tiles, other materials used in tiles cladding include terracotta, concrete, clay and slate.

BunduDakke specializes in roof cladding with Harvey Tiles

But the most preferred solution comes in the form of Harvey Tiles which are a long lasting steel based tile. They have been in production for more than 30 years and they are exported all over the world giving the brand name more mileage because of its charming products.

The coating is baked onto the tile in a furnace to ensure that the colour does not fade away from prolonged sunshine’s or rough rainfall. They have a stone based coating which ensures that it is resistant to harsh weather conditions including hail and heavy rain.

Their interlocking system ensures they do not leak even in very windy conditions.

Harvey Roofing products have a nationwide network of trained independent contractors who guarantee their own workmanship. Bundu Dakke is one of them and for years its team of hard working professionals have mastered the art of perfection.

Roof tiles are particularly suited to the South African climate, which generally does not have high winds or snow loads. These elements are most likely to reduce the life of roof tiles. Roof tiles can generally be used on roofs of greater pitch.

Not only are Harvey Tiles beautiful to look at, but also very practical and when well installed and maintained by Bundu Dakke, they subsequently become one of the most durable and attractive roofs on the market.

Bundudakke specialises in cladding thatch roofs

Whether you have an old weathered thatch roof  that is in dire need of a quick but classy upgrade or if you are planning to build a new thatched roof, Harvey Thatch is the most economical and decorative alternative in the roofing world.

The versatile cladding turns ordinary thatch roofing into more attractive, highly durable, and perfectly sustainable roofing. The finer things in life hatch out from simplicity and Harvey tiles give you the same cosy atmosphere as thatch roofing built requires much less maintenance as compared to the later.

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