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Your toughest roofing questions answered

Roofing needs continious attention

Just because your roofing is up doesn’t mean that you never have to think about it again. While your roofing should be your consistent worry, you should have a look at it every now and then. And when you see something that you don’t quite understand, you shouldn’t have to search Google far and wide to find those roofing answers you are looking for.

Here are your toughest roofing questions answered

1. How do you know when your roof tiles need a replacement?

I don’t want to wait for water marks to appear on my ceiling before I take action.
There are a number of signs that you can look out for but the first thing that you need to take into consideration is the age of your roof. Should your roof be older than 20 years you should start considering making a few replacements. A younger roof can also require replacing so a yearly inspection is a good idea. Look for tiles that are lifting up, tiles with cracks or missing tiles, and you should also look for tiles that are smooth or that have curled sides. Another thing that you can do is climb up into your ceiling and have a look at the underside of the tiles to see if there are any water marks.
If you see lots of damage, it is time to call in the roofing experts!

2. Can a roofing project become a do it yourself project?

It is advisable that you don’t try a roofing project by yourself for the simple reason that it is a very risky thing to do and can result in you getting injured. The second reason why you shouldn’t try a roofing project on your own is because the skills involved in getting your roofing correctly installed are skills that even the most avid amateur will lack. The professionals have many years of experience in getting your roofing correctly installed and they can give you the perfect installation.

3. How can you insulate the roof?

Insulation is becoming quite the thing to have in Africa. It is energy saving and it is great for regulating the temperatures within a home. Foil tapping and cloth like sheathing are two popular choices and they will need to be placed between your ceiling and your roof. Be extra careful if you choose to do the insulating yourself as the wrong type of insulation can result in heat not being transferred which in turn can cause fires.

4. My roof has black stains. Is it going to affect the roof and how can I get rid of it?

The dark marks you see on your roofing is likely to be algae and you might notice that it is mostly in a region that experiences little sun. This is because the algae lives off the moisture. The marks can’t really have an effect on your roofing, but I can agree with you that it doesn’t look good. To get rid of it wet the affected parts of the roof with a mixture that is one part bleach and two parts water. Scrub the surface gently until the algae is removed then make sure that the bleach is properly rinsed off.
Your roofing is an expensive part of your home that needs to be carefully watched and taken care of. Do you have more questions that need to be answered? You can contact Bundu Dakke, we’ll answer all of your questions about roofing, thatching, roof cladding and Harvey Tiles!

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